Riko Nakagawa

中川理子 / Violin

1996年生まれ。3歳よりヴァイオリンを始める。これまでに西垣恵、荒井英治の各氏に師事。第17回大阪国際音楽コンクール弦楽器部門Age-U入選。Sony Music Entertainment 「STAND UP! CLASSIC」オーケストラメンバー。相模原音楽家連盟会員。東京音楽大学付属高等学校、東京音楽大学卒業。現在、同大学院科目等履修生修了。

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, Riko Nakagawa began her violin studies at the age of three. She earned the Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance from the Tokyo College of Music, and studied with Eiji Arai. She has performed concerti with a student orchestra. She is a member of STAND UP! CLASSIC orchestra and Sagamihara Musicians Federation.