Kana Yamaguchi

山口奏 / Cello

岩手県出身、9歳よりチェロを始める。第33回、35回、40回草津国際音楽アカデミーに参加。ヴォルフガング・ベッチャー氏と、パノハ弦楽四重奏団のマスタークラスを受講。東京音楽大学に入学後、バイエルン州立青少年オーケストラに短期入団、ドイツ各地で演奏。第29回クラシック音楽コンクール、チェロ部門大学の部第4位(最高位)アンサンブル部門第5位。今までチェロを、三浦祥子、羽川真介、河野文昭、山本裕康、苅田雅治各氏に師事。室内楽を山口裕之、店村眞積、荒井英治、東彩子各氏に師事。Hector Quartet(エクトル・カルテット)メンバー。

The competent chamber music cellist, Kana Yamaguchi. She was born in Iwate, Japan, started playing cello at the age of 9.
She won 4th place in the 29th Japan classical music competition, highest rank when first to third place were not awarded. While studying at Tokyo College of Music, she was selected and joined the Bavarian State Youth Orchestra. She Participated in the 33rd and 35th, 40th Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy & Festival, attended master-classes with Wolfgang Boettcher, Panocha Quartet.
From 2016 to 2020 she studeied at Tokyo College of Music with Masaharu Kanda and Hiroyasu Yamamoto. For chamber music, she studied with Hiroyuki Yamaguchi and Mzumi Tanamura, Eiji Arai, Saiko Azuma.